My daughter’s online game is as powerful as an old Mac physic’s program

NOTE: This was from my old A&L Enterprises blog – but I thought it was interesting…

I just realized today that a game my daughter was playing on the New York Philharmonic’s kids site is as powerful as a physic’s program on a Mac in high school.  I remember being over at a friend’s house in high school (probably about 1990, 1991) and playing with some physics program – things bouncing around.  That was cutting edge at the time – I think it was a Macintosh Classic ( – because I remember you could carry it around.

Today it’s 2010 (OK so that was like 20 years ago) and my daughter is playing a game online.  This is a shockwave game playing in a web browser that is more complex than that physics program. It has a lot of things bouncing around and interacting with each other – kind of like that physics program (I think that was stick figures).  Sometimes it just fascinates me how much things have changed over the years – and they just keep changing even faster.

Here is a sample of that game today:

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