Palm Pre – First Impressions

NOTE: This was from my old A&L Enterprises blog – but I thought it was interesting…

I broke down and got myself a Palm Pre – based on Palm’s new WebOS operating system.  It was upgrade time and my wife knew I would be happy with this phone (even though spending $150 on a phone now is difficult).  While I still have my concerns about the future of Palm my brother has this phone and it seemed nice.  I’ve also been thinking about my existing Palm applications – on how to move forward with them.

So at the Sprint store I looked at the Palm Pre, Palm Pixi and an Android based phone.  I’m used to a physical keyboard (had one for years) so that was one of the main factors for me.  My initial impression of the Android OS (I can’t remember the phone) wasn’t as favorable as the Palm Pre – as that seemed to make sense for me.  There must be something of a design principle that Palm has that I’m used to.

I have this phone for just a few days and I already like it a lot – the “card” layout seems intuitive and the web browser is so much better than on my Centro.  I’m also transitioning to Gmail (from Outlook) now so that’s going to be great on this phone – as it reads my Gmail account (no more deleting e-mails off both the phone and from Outlook).  The screen is gorgeous – maybe that’s just because I’m coming from the Centro – but it has impressed me.  The Facebook client is also much, much better than on the Centro – much more robust.

The keyboard isn’t as good as on the Centro – but it’s still very usable.  I’m getting used to the different access to special characters – but some of the items are even more intuitive.  I do miss the directional buttons – as editing text is more difficult – but there’s a little trick with the orange button that helps with more precise control.  I do like on the web browser how you can zoom in – which makes interacting with web pages much more effective.  I looked at a YouTube video the other day – and it much more easy to watch than on my old Centro.  I’m still not impressed with Sprint TV – as I just tried it and it didn’t work (which was too common on the Centro also).

Overall I’ve been impressed with my new phone – Andrew likes his new gadget!

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