Kindle – highlights and notes

271385-amazon-kindle-touch-highlight-300x200NOTE: This was from my old A&L Enterprises blog – but I thought it was interesting…

One of the fascinating experiences for me with the Kindle was I found myself highlighting sentences and taking notes – something I would never do in a physical book.  For some reason on paper I can’t bring myself to take notes or even use a highlighter.  I think I fear that I’m going to ruin the book – to damage it and make it less useful (even if probably I’m the only one who’s ever going to read it).  I’ve never taken notes – but that could be because I’d never be able to read my handwriting.

But now with the Kindle and e-books I’m adding a lot of highlights and quite a few notes.  I’ve never done anything like that before – so I still find it fascinating.  When I’ve mentioned this to others they make a good point – in an eBook I can remove a highlight/note where I can’t in a physical book (or at least not easily).

This has led me to enjoying and using my Kindle more – as I’m digging deeper into the books and not just surface reading them.  I’ll see over time how many of my notes I actually read later – but for now I’m enjoying it.

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