The other side of the data model

on-the-other-side-1406727Today I was curious for some reason and looked at the WordPress data model.  As I was looking at it I suddenly realized that I didn’t need to know anything about the tables and columns in order to be able to use WordPress effectively.  Suddenly I find myself on the other side of the data model – as the consumer and not the creator of the data model.

I am a data geek – spending lots and lots of time understanding and modeling data.  I want to know what it means, how it relates together so that I can come up with the best data design.  I try to adhere to design principles, naming conventions, standard definition templates, etc.  I consider what the best datatypes are to ensure the range of data is addressed and we’re building for the future.

So now I’m on the other side – realizing I kind of don’t care what the WordPress data model is.  I use the application (I’m the end user) so I’m not writing any code.  Even if I did some custom WordPress development I’d be using the APIs provided by the application -not directly going against the tables and columns.  Now if I was building WordPress itself – I would care about the data model – but probably not as much as a data geek like me.  To some degree a data model is built for the future and not the current development effort that is going one.  So anyone working with an aggressive deadline is going to have a hard time thinking (or caring) as much about the future.

So I have this strange moment of a different perspective – of being on the other side of the data model (the goofy picture is of the other side of the fence).  Maybe it’s a good moment – of a reminder that others are never going to be as passionate about the data model as I am.  That they have a job to do and just want me to get the table designed so they can get on with it.

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  • Cindy Bahl says:

    I have totally done that before. I’ve thought about the applications behind something when I’ve been somewhere and thought “Oh my gosh, this could have been done so much better.” lol

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