Serious Topic – Classic or New Doctor Who?

So now for a very serious topic – classic or new Doctor Who?  I grew up on classic Doctor Who – with Tom Baker being my favorite then and now.  I’ve also enjoyed the new series – even though the special effects are too good (where is all the foam?).

I still find myself wanting to watch the classic Doctor Who as much as the new – if not more.  I binged on it for a while using a Britbox subscription – and got my fill (even though I’m starting to miss it again).   I wonder how much of that is nostalgia vs. actually liking it better.  Obviously the special effects of the new series is a bit better than the classic series – but sometimes that is part of the charm of the old series.

What’s common between them are so many of the same iconic enemies – the Daleks, the Cyberman, the Ice Warriors, the Master.  They’re a bit more advanced in these series (Daleks can climb stairs) – but that same character comes through.  It’s always the Doctor with some seemingly infeasible plan to defeat them without directly fighting them.

So – what’s your opinion?  New or Classic Doctor Who?



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